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Implementation Of UKCA For Construction Products

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) is the Government
Department responsible for Construction Products Regulation and the implementation of the
new UKCA mark for construction products. In December 2022 they issued revised instructions
on the implementation of UKCA for construction products.

Please note, the DLUHC requirements differ from advice on UKCA issued by the Department for
Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) who are responsible for UKCA implementation
on many other products. The DLUHC requirements need to be followed for construction

The new DLUHC information is:
• Products which have a valid CE marking will continue to be recognised as compliant until 30th
June 2025.
• From 1st July 2025 products requiring certification in GB will need to have the UKCA mark, CE
will no longer be recognised.
• Obtaining a UKCA mark will require the product to be tested in a UK facility and have the
certification issued by a UK Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). Previous advice had been
that the UK CAB’s would be allowed to accept EU test results which had been prepared for CE

With this change in the advice, Owlett-Jaton is working to ensure that products will continue to
be available which meet all compliance requirements. It is our intention that all of our products
currently CE marked will become dual marked with both CE and UKCA. This will allow our
products to be compliant and sold in mainland GB, Northern Ireland and within the EU.

We have started a comprehensive programme of testing in the UK which should enable UKCA’s
to be issued for all of our products which are currently CE marked. We expect to complete this
programme in the course of 2023. As UKCA’s become available they will be applied to products
alongside the existing CE marking and will be phased in as new stock arrives. The UKCA and
CE product requirements are identical, the introduction of UKCA will not result in any physical or
product code changes.

Ian Doherty
Chief Executive
January 2023

The relevant information from DLUHC can be found at:

Whether it’s to comply with building regulations or for peace of mind, our JCP Area Sales Managers and technical team are on hand to provide advice and support. For more information, contact the JCP technical helpline on 020 8943 1800.