An oiled bathed hardened masonry nail, manufactured from Austempered high carbon steel. High hardness with extremely high flexibility for absolute safety (SEC predicate).

Material: Steel
Hardened and Tempered
manufactured from austempered high carbon steel
versatile nail set by hammer
oil bathed

Product Information

Concrete blocks

  • Cable Clips
  • Signage
  • Timber Battens

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Range Data

Part Number
Length (L) mm
Shank Diameter mm
AMNL025 Light Shank 25 2.5
AMNL030 Light Shank 30 2.5
AMNL040 Light Shank 40 2.5
AMNL050 Light Shank 50 2.5
AMNL060 Light Shank 60 2.5
AMNM025 Medium Shank 25 3
AMNM030 Medium Shank 30 3
AMNM040 Medium Shank 40 3
AMNM050 Medium Shank 50 3
AMNM060 Medium Shank 60 3
AMNH050 Heavy Shank 50 3.5
AMNH060 Heavy Shank 60 3.5
AMNH075 Heavy Shank 75 3.5
AMNH090 Heavy Shank 90 3.5
AMNH100 Heavy Shank 100 3.5

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