The eye bolt stainless steel A2-304 sleeve anchor is a thin-walled sleeve anchor suitable for indoor or outdoor use in concrete, stone, brickwork, perforated bricks and dense concrete blocks. The diagonal slot enables the small gaps to be pulled down and a positive clamping force to be exerted through the fixture.

Material: A2-304 Stainless Steel
Through Fixing
Torque Controlled Expansion
Suitable for External Use
Forged Eye for Improved Strength
Supplied Pre-Assembled for Rapid Installation

Product Information

Non-Cracked Concrete
Dense Concrete Blocks
Solid Bricks
Natural Stone

  • Attaching wires
  • Bird deterrents
  • Ladder Restraints

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Range Data

Part Number
Outside / Drill Diameter (d0) mm
Anchor Length (LH) mm
Thread Diameter (dnom) mm
Eye Diameter mm
Washer Diameter (d2) mm
Min Hole Depth (h1) mm
Min. Structure Thickness (h) mm
Spanner A/F mm
Installation Torque (Tinst) Nm
SLZE08045SS 8 78 6 10 18 50 100 10 10
SLZE10060SS 10 90 8 11 24 65 100 13 20

Installation Instructions

Position fixture and drill correct diameter hole to correct depth.

Clean hole by brushing and blowing to remove all dust and drilling debris.

Insert assembled anchor through fixture nto concrete.

Tighten to recommended torque.


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