The Blind Bolt® is a constructional cavity fixing suitable for fixing to steel sections where access is available from one side only. It can be used in a girder cavity or a box section where access is available from one side only. The unique design helps to reduce the installation time. The wide range of sizes gives flexibility of choosing the correct bolt according to the fixture thickness.

Material: A4-70 Stainless Steel
Fast And Secure Installation
Reaction To Fire Class A1
Horizontally And Vertically Down Positions

Product Information

  • Box Sections
  • Vertical Cylindrical Sections
  • Hollow Profiles
  • Simple Connections

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Range Data

Part Number
Length (L) mm
Hole Diameter mm
Min Fixture Thickness (tfix) mm
Max Fixture Thickness (tfix) mm
Anchor Clearance (V0) mm
Depth Clearance (D0) mm
Minimum Hole Centres (Pmin) mm
Width Across Flats (A/F) mm
Width Across Corners (A/C) mm
Washer Diameter (d2) mm
BB0850A4 M8 50 9 9 24 19 25 20 13 15 18
BB1060A4 M10 60 11 10 30 23 30 20 16 17 22
BB1290A4 M12 90 13 12 55 26 35 25 18 20.5 26
GBB16100A4 M16 100 17 13 53 36 43 35 24 27.5 34.5 It is strongly recommended to use the installation gauge when installing these bolts.

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